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A new service from Ecoparents is a consultation that includes preparation for birth, that not only can include breastfeeding issues, but also covers general questions about pregnancy and preparing a birthplan.

Nanny Gortzak, IBCLC, has extensive experience as a lactation consultant and nutritionist. As a mother of four children and further training in progress as a post partum doula, she can answer most of your questions. Also, Nanny has received extensive higher education in physiology of pregnancy and lactation. Please note that medical questions should be directed to your health care provider. Ante partum consultation will help prepare expectant parents to labor and delivery and helps getting breastfeeding off to a good start.

The fee for a consultation during pregnancy including setting up a birth plan is $125.=. The consultation takes place in your home and can be arranged in evenings or on Saturdays, to enable partners to have their questions answered as well. If needed, services can be arranged.


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